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Model Bridges Salt Lake City

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HO Single Track Wooden Truss Parts
295-TB1 5 Small 3" Bents $15.00
295-TB2 5 Medium 5" Bents $20.00
295-TB3 5 Large 7" Bents $20.00
295-TB4 5 XL 9" Bents $25.00
295-TB5 1 12" HO Deck/2wingwalls $25.00
295-TB6 2 12" HO Decks $30.00

N Single Track Wooden Truss Parts
295-TB7 5 Small 1.5" Bents $15.00
295-TB8 5 Medium 2.5" Bents $20.00
295-TB9 5 Large 3.75" Bents $20.00
295-TB10 5 XL 5.75" Bents $25.00
295-TB11 1 6"N Deck/2wingwalls $25.00
295-TB12 2 6"N Decks $30.00

O Single Track Wooden Truss Parts
295-TB13 5 Small 5.5" Bents $15.00
295-TB14 5 Medium 8.75" Bents $20.00
295-TB15 5 Large 12" Bents $20.00
295-TB16 5 XL 16" Bents $25.00
295-TB17 1 24"O Deck/2wingwalls $25.00
295-TB18 2 24"O Decks $30.00

HO Double Track/Curve Wooden Truss Parts
295-TB19 5 Small 3" Bents $25.00
295-TB20 5 Medium 5" Bents $30.00
295-TB21 5 Large 7" Bents $35.00
295-TB22 12 2"HO Deck sections $25.00
295-TB23 25 12"HO stringers $20.00

N Double Track/Curve Wooden Truss Parts
295-TB24 5 Small 1.5" Bents $25.00
295-TB25 5 Medium 2.5" Bents $30.00
295-TB26 5 Large 3.75" Bents $35.00
295-TB27 12 1"N Deck sections $25.00
295-TB28 25 6"N stringers $15.00

O Double Track/Curve Wooden Truss Parts
295-TB29 5 Small 5.5" Bents $25.00
295-TB30 5 Medium 8.75" Bents $30.00
295-TB31 5 Large 12" Bents $35.00
295-TB32 12 4"O Deck sections $25.00
295-TB33 25 12"O stringers $25.00

SKU's On 30/S Scale Bridges
Information Coming Soon..

A model railroad scenery is not complete without a model train bridge. They connect the gap through any terrain with multiple depths and radius. Grand Central Gems manufactures scenery products in Salt Lake City, Utah, including model wooden truss bridge parts that will complete the miniature railroad scenery. Our company guarantees to give that scale model you are creating the character and realism. Our model bridge parts are made with the intricate details included. Watch jaws drop when you show them the landscape you created having great attention to details.

Different locales and eras will require different bridges for an authentic feeling. We have a wide range of available options for the bridge parts; we have single track, double track, curved, straight, long and short ones. The wooden truss bridges are stained to look like real wood with a creosote appeal giving finest look for your design. Whether you are making a small or a bigger layout, the available bridge parts that we are selling are going to work with your concept. Watch your model train trek through your model railway supported by the bridges that show the realistic detail. Let your imagination work and see it come to life. Let your friends and family appreciate your masterpiece. Let the child in you enjoy the model railroad scenery. Let it remind you about the trip you had when you were young or just let your vision happen before your very eyes.

Like the train traveling through the gaps connected by the bridge made by Grand Central Gems, let nothing stop you from making impressive miniature railway sceneries. Download and fill in the order form and let our company be the bridge you need to travel through the gap that is hindering you from finishing the landscape design you are planning to do.

• Pine Trees
• Spruce Trees
• Pine & Spruce w/ Snow
• Aspen
• Oak
• Fruit Trees
• Palm Trees
• Juniper Pine
• Hard woods
• Fall Woods
• Lodgepols
• Jacaranda,
• Precision silk Screened logos & banding.
*Scribed HO scale 2 x 4
*Each package will fill a 50ft HO flat car or bulkhead and 3/4 of HO centerbeams.
• HO single track wooden truss parts
• N single track wooden truss parts
• O single track wooden truss parts
• HO double track/curve wooden truss parts
• N double track/curve wooden truss parts
• O double track/curve wooden truss parts
• 4 HO locomotive storage box, fits any type of HO Scale engine between the size of a GE –9 40CW to the smallest of switchers. Simply cut the foam cell insert to the correct difference in car body length.
• Mountain Grass Mats
• Latex Rock Molds
• Assorted Logo HO Lumber Loads
• HO Locomotive Storage Boxes
• For the enthusiasts who know: We have the realistic model trees and wooden bridges to bring your layout of any scale to life!!
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